The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) partners with Dorset Advocacy to deliver advocacy to Deaf adults living in Dorset

The Royal Association for Deaf people are pleased to announce their partnership with Dorset Advocacy to deliver independent, qualified advocacy support across a range of issues for Dorset residents.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is someone who can take action to support people to make informed choices, secure their rights, represent their needs and obtain services. Advocates speak up for people and/or encourage individuals to speak up for themselves.

We can help with issues such as:

• Making an NHS complaint (Independent Health Complaints Advocacy- IHCA)

• Supporting a Safeguarding issue (Care Act Advocacy)

• Ensuring your needs are considered and you are involved in decisions made about your care (Care Act Advocacy)

• Understand your rights under the Mental Health Act (Independent Mental Health Advocacy- IMHA)

About Dorset Advocacy

Dorset Advocacy has been advocating for people in Dorset since 1993.

During 2015/16 we helped support and speak up for over 4000 people. Over the past year, we have successfully tendered for the new Pan-Dorset Advocacy contract, together with our partners Help and Care. Our Advocacy teams are very skilled and experienced and work on a variety of projects such as Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA), NHS complaints. Direct Payments Advice and Guidance and Continuing Healthcare. Through our Care Act and Issues-based work it has been identified that one of the hard to reach groups within Dorset are those people who are deaf.

We are very fortunate and pleased to be in a position to be working closely with the Royal Association for Deaf people to offer direct, first/ preferred language (BSL and other visual communication) advocacy to this group- not via interpretation.

Want to know more about our advocacy services and where they are located?

Visit which includes a BSL video

Need access to an advocate in Dorset?

You can contact us in a number of ways:

Voice Phone: 0300 688 2525

Text Phone: 0300 688 2527

SMS: 07749 965 727