Video Interpreting at RAD


RAD’s Video Interpreting Service works to ensure that RAD is responsive to the different communication needs and demands of the Deaf Community.

British Sign Language (BSL)/English interpreting has traditionally taken place with everyone in the same room but for short or emergency appointments and meetings, this can be difficult in terms of financial cost or finding an available interpreter.

Via our video interpreting service, RAD is able to offer access to interpreters for short conversations or emergency appointments via a webcam.

What is video interpreting?

Just as in face-to -face appointments, the interpreter will relay (interpret) the conversation into both English and BSL.

The service can be used in two different ways:

  1. Deaf and hearing people in the same room, with the interpreter working remotely – Video Relay Interpreting (VRI)
  2. No-one is in the same location; everyone is connecting remotely – Video Relay Service (VRS)

To find out more, download RAD’s Video Interpreting Service leaflet