Who We Are

What we do

We work closely with the Deaf Community to ensure that RAD provides services that meet the needs and expectations of Deaf people.

Working with a wide range of people in the Deaf Community, we support Deaf people to lead the lives that they want to lead. This work includes supporting a number of Deaf Clubs across London and the South East. We also, where possible, provide training and personal development opportunities that enable Deaf people to run their Deaf Clubs independently and as effectively as possible.

We work with mainstream providers to promote the Deaf Community and increase Deaf Awareness, we also work with Deaf people to develop and improve mainstream services.

Who are we?

Our Community Development work is delivered by a small team of people that have specialist experience of the Deaf Community and a full understanding of the the wide range of RAD services. This means that they are able to help people access the services that they need.

All of the team are either Deaf or fluent BSL users and committed to promoting Deaf history, language and culture.