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Reminder – new contact details for Royal Association for Deaf people

  Our voice phone, fax and text phone numbers have changed. Our new numbers for our Head Office are: Telephone: 0300 688 2525 Fax: 0300 688 2526 Text Phone: 0300 688 2527 Further details on how to contact our Head Office including via email, Skype and SMS are...

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) is proud to be one of the causes to be supported by the new Essex Lottery

Essex County Council has established a weekly lottery to help raise funds for community projects throughout the county. Tickets for the weekly lottery cost just £1. From each ticket sold, 50p goes straight to the players chosen charity and 10p will be donated to a...

Did you know that there is a website dedicated to making information and advice about tax more accessible to Deaf people?

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have been working together since 2015 to provide advice on working tax credits, child tax credits, PAYE and Self-Assessment in British Sign Language (BSL). The