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Open letter | to the members of Black Deaf UK Facebook group
Open letter | to the members of Black Deaf UK Facebook group

Thank you for your letter dated 1 July 2020. BDUK FB Group – Petition Letter

We agree with your sentiments and message – and believe that now is the time for everyone to do better.

We have, in recent weeks been looking internally at how RAD needs to recognise, celebrate and represent the broader diversity of the deaf community as a whole.

Some of the action we have taken:

  • A review of our use of social media – and how we represent everyone in the deaf community. We now have a comprehensive checklist that everyone in our organisation will use before posting anything on our social media pages
  • Open discussion and reflection (both internally and with our stakeholders) about how we represent diversity and celebrate culture and identity. We are committed to ensuring that RAD is an anti-racist organisation; and will reflect this in our service and the attitudes of our colleagues
  • As part of our social media activity during the COVID-19 lockdown we have been producing BSL stories – we are now actively making these stories more representative; it is important that every deaf child feels represented and can relate to our content
  • Commissioned training for our executive team and managers. We will soon be starting the ‘Real Talk About Race course’.  This eight-week course will give us the tools to talk about race and race issues, and support us to develop the kind of anti-racist leaders we want to be so that we can effect change – both in RAD and the wider community
  • Work on creating some content on white privilege – information that we will share both internally and with the wider community, across our social media platforms
  • Agreed to support the training and development of more Black deaf translators
  • Taken proactive steps to ensure our board of trustees has greater representation of the wider diversity of the deaf community

We will not stop there.

We will, with our colleagues continue to learn, reflect and change.  We will continue to have difficult discussions that challenge us to do better.

Recent months have seen us work more collaboratively with local deaf communities and other deaf organisations.  We want to do more and are open to any collaboration with any groups that share our vision: ‘together with deaf people | creating a better, more accessible future’.

We support your letter, and share your optimism and hope for a better future in Britain.  You have our full commitment.  We look forward to working with you.  We would welcome a meeting that facilitates a round-table discussion that explores what we, as a collective, can do to ensure the representation of everyone in our community.


Tom Mulloy, Chair

Amanda Casson Webb, Lesley Frearson, Sue Mountford, Joint Chief Executives

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD).

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