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The Royal Association for Deaf people is delighted to announce the continuation of its HearAbility Essex partnership with Hearing Help Essex and Support 4 Sight. The service provides information, advice and support to people with hearing loss in Essex.

HearAbility is an Essex countywide service providing support sessions and information stands to help with issues associated with hearing loss.

The service provides:

  • Advice to people who feel their hearing is failing
  • Support and encouragement to new hearing aid users or those who have an aid but rarely use it
  • Advice on hearing aid maintenance and repairs
  • Information and advice re assistive equipment
  • Discounted travel and Benefits advice
  • Disability registration
  • Visits to residential homes, day centres, village halls, libraries and community groups to deliver HearAbility Support sessions.

Outreach workers can demonstrate a range of specialist equipment that can improve communication in daily life such as amplified telephones and flashing doorbells.

If you are organising an event, or book speakers for your organisation and would like to request a presentation please contact:

01245 496347


Voice- 0300 688 2525

Text phone- 0300 688 2527

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