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In memory of our colleague Savvas Ttofis, one of the warmest and most positive people we have ever had the privilege to know, our Savvas Constellation of Positivity celebrates exceptional positivity and kindness across TeamRAD.  With five stars in our constellation every year, all TeamRAD staff and volunteers are eligible for an award (which is nominated and supported by at least two colleagues).

At our recent staff conference our Joint Chief Executives were proud to present the final two stars in our 2019 constellation to Nikki Rogers and Vicky Madzharska.

Nikki has worked for RAD for over a decade; but in the past year has taken on the new role of Business Support Manager.  In this year Nikki has been instrumental in the transformation of our office in Colchester, creating a happy, healthy and accessible environment for staff, volunteers and visitors.  Her positivity and belief in others is inspiring; as is the support that she readily offers colleagues on a daily basis.

Vicky, our Digital Communications Officer, joined RAD just over six months ago and in that short space of time has made a big impact.  Vicky has transformed our digital presence, empowering and inspiring colleagues to celebrate their successes and achievements by contributing to our social media channels.  With her infectious smile she spreads positivity throughout TeamRAD.

We would like to thank and congratulate all of our 2019 Savvas Constellation Stars: Vicky, Nikki, Sarah, Georgina and Natalia for their positivity this year – and look forward to presenting five more awards in 2020.

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