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Deaf Awareness Training

All deaf people, regardless of whether they are proud members of a culturally rich community, or an older person who has lost hearing with age, experiences the same barriers when it comes to accessing services.

How Deaf-Aware are you?

As one of the leading organisations working with and providing services to Deaf people in the UK, RAD is expertly placed to support and develop your Deaf Awareness and accessibility.

Our communication guide will provide an excellent starting point in terms of tips for everyday communication.


Is your organisation Deaf-Aware?

Being a Deaf-aware organisation shows people that you are committed to equality of access.

Read our article ‘What is Deafness? to understand more about the different types of deafness.

Deaf Awareness Training is a great first step in supporting your staff to become Deaf-aware.

What is Deaf Awareness Training?

Interactive and highly informative; our Deaf Awareness training covers:




Definitions of Deafness


British Sign Language (BSL)




Working with interpreters

All our trainers are Deaf themselves and BSL users – this means that your staff will learn about the personal and lived experiences of the different barriers that Deaf people encounter in their daily lives.

Training is delivered in-house in half or full day sessions. We are also happy to adapt the course to suit your organisation’s needs.

All participants receive a certificate of attendance and additional resources to support their learning after the course.

“It was an incredible opportunity for our teams to become more Deaf-aware and we very much felt that this was the start of an amazing journey for our organisation.”

Care Quality Commission, East of England

To learn more about Deaf Awareness training or arrange a training session, contact our Community Engagement Manager:

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