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What is Advocacy?

An advocate is someone who can take action to support people to make informed choices, secure their rights, represent their views and obtain services.

How can Advocacy Help Me?

Do you feel you are not being listened to by people making decisions about your life?

Advocacy may be able to help you by supporting you to have your say or empowering you to express your views, wishes or decisions.

There are many ways advocacy can support you:

Helping you make a complaint about an NHS service that you are unhappy with. This includes GP’s, Hospitals, Walk-in services and dentists.
Supporting you to be involved in decisions made about your care and support.
Helping you to understand your rights under the Mental Health Act.
Supporting you if you have been a victim of crime, anti-social behaviour or domestic abuse.
Supporting you if you are at risk of becoming homeless.
Working with parents during custodial or safeguarding proceedings.
Empowering children to share their views, aspirations and wishes, making sure their voice is heard.

Our advocates are either Deaf themselves or fluent in British Sign Language (BSL).
They either hold a professional advocacy qualification or are working towards it.
Need access to an advocate? Or want to learn more about how an advocate could support you?

You can contact us in a number of ways:

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