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Communication Services

Do you need professional communication support?

We are experts in providing professional communication support:

British Sign Language / English Interpreters

British Sign Language (BSL) is the signed language of the Deaf Community in the UK. A rich and complex visual spacial language, it involves a combination of hand shapes, facial expressions, lip patterns and body language.

Read our article ‘What is BSL?’ to learn more.

Bilingual in English and BSL, interpreters used by RAD Interpreting have the ability and training to work between two languages and facilitate communication between people; it can be used in any situation where a Deaf BSL user and a hearing person need to communicate.

Deaf Interpreters

Trained in the process of interpreting, Deaf Interpreters work between two or more languages.

Used in a variety of settings, Deaf Interpreters work using the following modes of communication:

  • Written word to sign (and vice versa)
  • Sign to Deafblind Manual (and vice versa)
  • From one Signed Language to another (and vice versa)

Deaf Interpreters predominantly work alongside BSL/English Interpreters and can be used in any setting.

Deafblind Interpreters

Deafblind people (also called dual sensory impaired people) have a combined sight and hearing loss. Most Deafblind people have some residual hearing or sight but all will experience barriers in terms of access to communication and services.

Depending on the client’s preferred mode of communication, Interpreters working with Deafblind people may use one of the following specialist modes of communication:

  • Deafblind manual alphabet – a method of spelling out words onto a Deafblind person’s hand
  • Visual frame signing– BSL signed within the Deafblind person’s field of vision
  • Hands-on signing– BSL signed with the Deafblind person’s hands on the Interpreter
  • Social Haptic Communication – using the body and touch to receive and communicate information (more information available on request).


A Lipspeaker is a hearing person who has been professionally trained to be easy to lipread. Making sure they are clearly visible to the Lipreader, they silently and accurately repeat the spoken word.

Using gesture and facial expression, a Lipspeaker reproduces the rhythm and phrasing of words used by the speaker, sometimes fingerspelling the initial letters of words that are difficult to lipread.

Some Lipspeakers have sign language skills and can offer signed support – this should be requested at the time of booking.

For more information about lipspeaking please contact the Association of Lipspeakers.

Speech-to-Text Reporters (STTRs)

Primarily benefiting people who are deaf or hard of hearing, Speech-to-Text communication offers a word for word transcription of what is being said in settings ranging from the small & intimate to larger meetings, conferences and training sessions.

A Speech-to-Text Reporter (STTR) listens to everything that is said and types it, verbatim, often including extra information such as {laughter} {applause}, into an electronic shorthand keyboard that is linked to a laptop. The text is shown instantly on a television monitor, or, for meetings or conferences, a large screen.


Our professionally trained and accredited note-takers provide accurate notes in both manual and digital forms.

Working in a variety of domains that include both group and 1:1 settings, note-takers work across a variety of domains – professional (workplace), conference, community, medical and academic.

For more information please visit The Association of Notetaking Professionals

Our promise to you:

  • We only use appropriately trained and experienced professionals who are registered  with NRCPD and RBSLI
  • We will provide a prompt, helpful and courteous response to all enquiries
  • We always try to communicate via your preferred method
  • We value feedback from our clients and will use it to monitor and improve the quality of our services
  • We will respect and work with individual wishes including trying to book preferred Communication Professionals
  • We are completely transparent with our fees, with all details published here.  For more information please contact our Bookings Team.

Any profit we make goes back to the Deaf Community by supporting the work of RAD. 

There are a number of ways you can contact us to book communication support

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