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Molly’s Story

Helping RAD To Help Others

Molly was taking a gap year from her University studies and, between reading her assigned texts and scrubbing up on driving theory, she needed to get some real-life work experience. Coming from an all-hearing family, her involvement with Deaf people had been limited to what she had learned on her way to achieving her British Sign Language (BSL) Level 2 qualification, and she knew this needed to change.

Molly had previously learned about RAD at a fundraising event, and, as our activities tied in with her interests and studies, we seemed like exactly the right place for her to work. “I was interested in learning about the Deaf community and culture,” she says, “and gaining confidence using BSL in real-life situations, as opposed to just in class.”

She went onto our website to do some research, and what she saw of our activities, services and commitment convinced her that volunteering with us would be a positive use of her time and energy.

Molly got in touch to offer her help, and soon became a welcome addition to the admin team in our Colchester office two days a week. She enjoyed having flexibility in her hours, and helped us to stay organised and efficient by filing paperwork and covering the phones. With all our projects and activities, the work had more than enough variety to keep it interesting!

She also loved going to fundraising events when possible, bringing her smile and enthusiasm with her. Molly really enjoys meeting people – it’s an important chance for her to listen to their stories and talk to them about RAD.

“I like the bucket collections best,” she says. “You get to interact with the public and have some really interesting conversations about how they relate to RAD and Deaf culture.”

Molly’s input has been invaluable to our team, and we hope that she’ll leave us with plenty of experiences and insights to help her going forward. We wish her all the best in her ongoing studies and future career creating positive outcomes for Deaf people!

Do you want to help us create a better future for Deaf children and adults?

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