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Thank you to our Independent Living team

In these challenging and unprecedented times we want to take a moment to consider our care workers – the people who are simply the backbone of this society, and who ensure that vulnerable people are supported and cared for.

TeamRAD delivers a number of critical services to the Deaf Community, one of them is our Independent Living Service. This service is delivered by a team of amazing people, all of whom we would like to acknowledge, pay tribute and say thank you to.We are continually amazed by our colleagues’ dedication, thoughtfulness and ability to put others first.  In spite of the fears and challenges that we are all feeling (because of Coronavirus) our colleagues are doing all they can to ensure that vulnerable Deaf people are safe and supported. Those colleagues who leave their homes to go deliver these critical services in the community are our heroes.

Today we lost one of our community to Coronavirus …. An Independent Living client who we have supported for many years and our deepest sympathies go out to her family, friends and colleagues who knew her. We are a close team and the loss of someone in our community affects us all.  Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to work in the safety and comfort of our homes, others are not and we must not underestimate the challenges that presents.

So, to our Independent Living Team – thank you from all your colleagues, and your community.

Amanda, Lesley, Sue
Joint Chief Executives

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