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Together with Deaf people;
creating a better, more accessible future.

2018 has been a year of tremendous change for The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) Trustees, Staff and Volunteers.

Back in July, RAD’s Board of Trustees voted to appoint the three Executive Directors as interim co-Chief Executives until March 2019; a decision that is bold and innovative but supports the organisation’s commitment to its Staff, Volunteers, Stakeholders and the wider Deaf Community.

Who are we?

Amanda Casson Webb, Director of Communication Services & Community Development
Lesley Frearson, Director of Finance and Administration
Sue Mountford, Director of Services

What do we do?

Whilst continuing to oversee the direction and leadership of our three Directorate areas we are sharing the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO); working as a collective, we meet and deliver on all aspects of the CEO role, on a joint basis.

During this interim period we are committed to ensuring that RAD continues to promote equality for Deaf people through the provision of accessible services; and that all RAD Trustees, Staff and Volunteers remain committed to our Organisational Values –


take the time to understand and deliver what matters to Deaf people


respect Deaf language, identity, community, heritage and diversity


develop services and partnerships that Deaf people need or want


acknowledge the contributions our staff and volunteers make


always deliver on our promises


communicate clearly


promote continuous improvement in all we do


are honest with ourselves and with stakeholders


As a community-based service delivery organisation RAD is committed to ensuring that Deaf people receive services in their first or preferred language. We take time to develop services and partnerships that meet the needs of the Deaf Community.

The majority of our work is funded by Local Authorities and other grant awarding bodies, however, the current economic climate has forced us to review our income generating activities over recent years. In 2017 we introduced our very first fundraising team; you can see some of their events and activities on the new website, or via any of our social media channels. Please join us, or share our fundraising information with your friends and family. We are keen to get as many people as possible involved in our fundraising efforts in order to raise awareness and reach more Deaf people in the UK.

The passion and commitment of RAD’s Trustees, Staff and Volunteers is second to none and we are proud to lead such a tremendous organisation. Our new website is a testament to all of the work that RAD does within the Deaf Community; we hope you like it and welcome any feedback you may have.

So that we can effectively share our news and developments with you we will be publishing an update from the office of RAD Chief Executive every three months; we look forward to getting back in touch in December.

With our thanks for your continued support and our very best wishes.

Amanda, Lesley and Sue.

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